KIEMSTA 2016 Will Be Held in Cheonan From November 2 to 5

? The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Minister Kim Jae-su) will host the 2016 Korea International Exhibition of Machinery, Equipment, Science and Technology for Agriculture (KIEMSTA 2016) in Cheonan, Chungnam from November 2 to 5 for four days.

? The KIEMSTA has been held biennially since 1992. This year's event marks its 13th anniversary; 453 companies from 28 countries, including Italy, China and the Netherlands, will take part in the KIEMSTA to showcase 422 items such as smart farms and advanced farming machines.

? This year, the event will be held with Smart Farm Expo, providing an opportunity to experience various future agricultural technologies such as cutting-edge ICT and smart farms.

? The exhibition will feature agricultural machinery and equipment by kind.

? On exhibit will be fruit-growing machinery (First Hall), livestock machinery (Second Hall), harvest machinery (Third Hall), farming management machinery (Fourth Hall), transplanting and seeding, cultivating machinery (Fifth Hall), large agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines (Sixth Hall), materials and equipment for facilities and from overseas companies (Seventh Hall) and a smart farm, and ICT convergence-based agricultural machinery (Special Hall). The exhibition will be customized for those who need it.

? The demonstration booth will provide an opportunity to experience and directly operate new farm machinery.

? Various events will accompany the exhibition of farm machinery. The International Symposium on Agricultural Machinery will be held to allow participants to learn the global trends in the agricultural machinery market, along with the General Assembly of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the operation of export and buyer support centers.

? In addition, the event will host free gifts such as a tractor, a power sprayer, a power mower etc. by holding a prize draw event every day of the event.

? MAFRA expects the fair to help strengthen the international competitiveness of the Korean agricultural machinery and equipment industries by promoting the development of excellent agricultural machinery and equipment, and by expanding exports through an exhibition of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment; and also through exchanges of information about new agricultural technology.

? In particular, the ministry also expects that exports will increase in the future through efforts such as export consultation for small and mid-sized enterprises in order to promote the export of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

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