Justice Party adopts massive overhaul resolution to win back public support

The minor progressive Justice Party (JP) on Saturday adopted a resolution pledging a massive overhaul of itself in a bid to win back the minds of the people.
The resolution, which was adopted at the party’s convention held at the National Assembly, calls for a set of reform measures, including renaming and recreating the party.

The JP, which champions liberal agenda, such as labor rights and social welfare, suffered a crushing defeat in June’s local elections, failing to win any mayoral, governor or ward office and county head seats, and low approval ratings.
It formed an emergency committee after the failure in June and has sought ways to carry out sweeping reforms.
As part of efforts to overcome the crisis, the party earlier introduced a motion calling for the mass resignation of all five of its lawmakers holding proportional representation seats as part of reform measures, but it was voted down at a party referendum held earlier this month.
“With today’s party convention, the main role of the emergency committee ends,” said Rep. Lee Eun-ju, chairperson of the party’s emergency committee. “The Justice Party’s progressive politics will make a new start today.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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