It is expected that the proposal for a comprehensive study of entertainment venues will be submitted to the Cabinet in 1-2 weeks.

Government House, "Chulphan" reiterates the study of the Entertainment Complex Committee, allowing the Prime Minister to sit on the super board. Because it is a large investment More than 100 billion baht in employment has been created, expected to be submitted to the Cabinet in 1-2 weeks. Mr. Chulaphan Amornvivat, Deputy Minister of Finance Mention progress In the case of the Special Education Commission Opening a full-service entertainment venue or what is called Entertainment Complex said that they do not want to use the word "open a casino" Because less than 5% of the area is given, just like foreign countries have done before. which the entertainment complex must consist of travel Targeted at developing a large theme park. which supports investment and tourism in the area It was not presented at the Cabinet meeting today (April 2). It is only in the process of documenting mechanisms. Expected no more than 1-2 weeks from now. It will be brought to the Cabinet meeting. And it depends on the Cabinet to gi ve orders. From listening to opinions from many ministers, there is a positive direction. and agreed that it was beneficial that brings problems that exist in society Put it on society and then use legal mechanisms to supervise To prevent negative impacts that occur At least it will help collect revenue for the state. Employment occurs Creating careers for the people Mr. Chulapan said where will the construction be done? At this time it has not been determined and cannot provide details. Because in the study of the extraordinary committee that he is the chairman of It is not responsible for determining which area it is. or specify details Therefore, a draft bill has been proposed to take care of this as well. 'A national committee will be set up. He will be the one who determines the area and various small details. that is important Confirming that at the committee level, no province has been specified yet. Even the government has not thought of it yet. What area should it be in? What is being said at the m oment is just a rumor. By the process after this If brought to the Cabinet and the Cabinet approves The next step is to assign one department to be the work leader. The law must be taken into consideration by the decree. whether there are any deficiencies in the draft law or not Or are there any issues that need to be added? At the Education Commission level, there is also a decree as a sub-committee,' Mr. Chulphan said. Mr. Chulphan said that opinions from the people must also be heard. The laws that come out will be different. Or are there additional issues that are necessary? This is because the Thai Gambling Act has been in use since 1935. Once the entire legal process is complete, it will go to parliament again. Therefore, it is up to the council to consider whether there will be additional amendments or not. 'Confirm that this is the answer and there will be more than 100,000 million baht in employment because it is a large investment. The Prime Minister himself Therefore it will be a super board to s upervise this matter. This matter has not yet ended. Because it is the opinion of the committee," Mr. Chulphan Said. Source: Thai News Agency

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