Invite Thai people to honor ‘Volunteer Earth Doctor Day’

Rudklao reveals that he would like to invite Thai people to honor him. 'Doctor Volunteer Day' emphasizes the government's appreciation for those who sacrifice. Hoping to raise the level to being a producer and entrepreneur. Mrs. Radklao Inthawong Suwankiri, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Land Development Department It has been set for February 10 of every year. It is Volunteer Earth Doctor Day. To honor the volunteer soil doctors who have sacrificed and dedicated themselves to working alongside Land Development Department officials and creating benefits to the public for a long time. On this occasion, Mr. Anucha Nakasai, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, gave the policy "Department of Land Development Volunteer Soil Doctor Day 2024" confirming that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Realize the importance of increasing productivity in order to raise farmers' income levels. Therefore, methods of using fertilizer based on soil analysis before planting plants have been promoted. This will help farmers use fertilizer appropriately, reduce costs, and promote the use of technology to help ease the burden on farmers. to save costs To reduce risk from exposure to chemicals Including pushing the agricultural map project for proactive management (Agri-Map) to develop land to its highest potential. From now on, the Land Development Department and more than 70,000 volunteer clay doctors are considered a large purchasing power of the country. Must join forces and cooperate To create money to happen Continuing to expand into domestic trade in many dimensions. More flexibility and work together to develop the land for benefit It is a matter of pride for Mor Din Volunteers to live with Thai people. Help farmers In order to have a better life 'So I would like to invite Thai people. Admire the work of "Volunteer Soil Doctors" who are farmers with public spirit. Help fellow farmers take the next step toward agriculture of the future. As well as the government that is ready to support the implementation of this project,' Mrs. Radklao said Source: Thai News Agency

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