Investigate Bukkhalo and arrest a gang that stole cables in the Charoen Nakhon area.

Bangkok, Bukkhalo Police Station arrested a gang roaming around stealing cables in the Charoen Nakhon area. Confessing has been done many times. A background check found one person had been prosecuted for theft (electrical wires) in the area of ??Bang Khun Thian Police Station in 2024, while the other person had been arrested for drug use before. Pol.Col.Chattakit Phadungchanthanai Superintendent of Bukkhalo Police Station along with Pol. Lt. Col. Prasert Chan-aksorn, Deputy Superintendent of Police Station Bukkhalo Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Sawat Tangkratok, Police Inspector of Bukkhalo Police Station and Pol. Lt. Col. Lt. Sansern Techabun, V.S.S.S.Bukkhalo Leading forces to arrest Mr. Sakda or Taeng, 32 years old, and Mr. Sarun or Wave, 22 years old, accused of a gang that went around stealing cables. They were arrested in the middle of Soi Charoen Nakhon 70, Dao Khanong Subdistrict, Thonburi District, Bangkok. As a result of being informed that a group of criminals were committing a crime to steal c ables. When they arrived, they found men using steel cutting pliers to cut a large cable. and put it in the back of the pickup truck. And there was another group of men dragging underground cables up from the pipes. Using a backhoe which was pulled up on a six-wheeled truck. When the group of perpetrators saw the officers, they dispersed and ran away. The officers were able to detain two people involved in the incident. During interrogation, the accused confessed that A gang leader named Mr. O came to persuade them to go and commit a crime. which has been done in this manner many times When the cable is stolen, it will be sold. and divide the money together to take care of the family In this regard, when examining the history, it was found that Mr. Sakda or Taeng had previously been prosecuted for theft (electrical wires) in the area of ??Bang Khun Thian Police Station in 2024, while Mr. Sarun or Wave had previously been arrested for the use of type 1 drugs (meth). amphetamine) before the police initially f iled charges. "Joined in stealing at night" before being taken to face legal action. Source: Thai News Agency

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