Illegal foreigners allowed to take free, anonymous COVID-19 tests

SEOUL, All foreigners staying illegally in South Korea are allowed to take coronavirus tests free of charge without disclosing their identities, the Ministry of Justice said Thursday.
The ministry said undocumented foreigners, including those who overstayed their visas, can “simply and anonymously” take free COVID-19 tests at any of the temporary testing centers run by local governments nationwide after providing just their mobile phone numbers.
All foreign nationals will not go through any visa screening ahead of coronavirus tests and their identities will not be provided to the immigration authorities before and after the tests, the ministry said, adding crackdowns on illegal stayers will also be temporarily suspended.
It explained that the latest measure has been taken to help minimize loopholes in the nation’s ongoing fight against the pandemic.
The number of foreigners staying illegally here is estimated to have risen to about 400,000, due mainly to COVID-19-related travel restrictions.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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