“Ifma” organizes the Muay Thai World Championship 2023 with 112 countries participating in the competition.

Bangkok, May 1 - "IFMA" organizes the International Muay Thai World Championship 2023 with 112 countries participating in the competition. during the 32nd SEA Games that the host did not organize

Dr. Sakchai Thapsuwan, president of the International Federation of Muay Thai Sports Associations or Ifma, as president of the Amateur Muay Thai Sports Association of Thailand Confirmed the readiness of the 2023 International Muay Thai World Championships, the “IFMA Senior World Championships 2023” and the “Thai Boxing Festival Stepping into the Olympics” event at Central World. Between May 4-12, there were athletes, coaches and staff. Including a team of more than 3,000 refugees from 112 countries and 5 continents to compete It is a qualifying round to the world combat sports "World Combat Games 2023" in Saudi Arabia, where the program "Ifma Senior World Championships 2023" overlaps with the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia. Because the host of the SEA Games has packed the Kun Khmer sport into the competition instead

Mr. Wiwatchai Ratanarat, Vice President of the Bowling Association of Thailand and Ms. Suvalai Satrulee, Secretary General of the Association Jointly opened the annual action plan, with the association hosting the Asian Youth Bowling Championship 2023 on July 4-13, followed by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority-Sing Thailand International Open Championship. 2023 from July 16-30 and World Bowling Thailand Tour 2023 from September 24-30, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games 2023 in November at Blue O. Rhythm and Bowl, Major Ratchayothin, all by Thai national team athletes who stand, namely "Noey" Ramita Santhong, now receiving a scholarship to study in the United States.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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