Hyundai invests 300 bln won to set up mixed model assembly line at Ulsan plant

ULSAN-- Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's No. 1 carmaker said Sunday it will invest 300 billion won (US$268 million) to set up a mixed model production line at one of its plants in Ulsan.

The Ulsan 2 plant will undergo updates with the new system so it can be in place by Sept. 17, the carmaker said.

The assembly plant that was built in 1986 at the industrial city 414 kilometers southeast of Seoul, currently churns out four models such as the Tucson and Sante Fe crossovers.

The move comes after Hyundai upgraded its Ulsan 1 plant in February so it can assembly different vehicles without needing so-called changeovers. That change cost 220 billion won.

The mixed system can enhance efficiency at car assembly lines and better allows automakers to meet any changes in consumer demand swiftly.

For the latest program, Hyundai said it will introduce a height adjustable conveyor belt for the first time and added more robots that can improve quality control and ease burden on workers.

The carmaker said that the large scale investment could, moreover, help the local economy and some 100 partner companies since upwards to 5,000 workers will be needed for the modification.

Because of the nature of the upgrade and the need to meet production schedules, a large number of workers are required for creating the production line.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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