Hunting for gang of youths who attacked teenagers, killing 1 and injuring 1

Bangkok: Nonthaburi Police Open CCTV to hunt down a gang of nearly 10 young men riding motorcycles. Gang attack on a 15 year old youth, 1 person dead, 1 person injured Nonthaburi police turned on CCTV to hunt down a gang of nearly 10 youths riding a motorcycle who chased the motorcycle of a 15-year-old youth and two friends until he lost control and fell near Wat Khae Nai. Mueang Nonthaburi District. In this incident, 1 person was injured and 1 person died. The injured person was cut with a knife and stabbed in the middle of the back. As for the 15 year old youth, he was running across the road. Lost control and fell to be pursued and was stabbed in the left chest. went to die at the hospital After the incident, the father of the deceased Reported to the police Source: Thai News Agency

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