Half of schools closed or switched online due to typhoon

SEOUL-- Half of schools in South Korea were closed or shifted to online classes Tuesday in the aftermath of Typhoon Hinnamnor, the education ministry said.

The typhoon forced a total of 2,615 elementary and secondary schools nationwide, or 13.2 percent, to close on the day, while classes were conducted online at 7,348 schools, or 37 percent, the ministry said.

It noted 1,317 schools, or 6.6 percent, shortened school hours, while class proceeded normally at only 8,566 schools, or 43.2 percent.

By region, all schools in Busan and the adjacent South Gyeongsang Province, which were hit hardest by the super strong typhoon, switched to online classes.

In the nearby city of Ulsan, 383 schools, or 89.9 percent, were closed and online classes were conducted at 43 schools, the ministry said.

In Seoul, all kindergartens and elementary schools were closed for the day.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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