Green Co To – a new ecological destinationImportant evidence was uncovered, tying up the killer and stuffing it into a steel box weighed down with water.

Co To island district lies to the east of Quang Ninh province and is about 80 kilometres from land. Co To has 71 large and small islands, of which the three largest islands are Co To Lon, Thanh Lan, and Tran. The island district is home to 6,700 people whose main livelihoods are fishing and tourism. In recent years, the district's authority promotes green tourism on the island by prohibiting the use of plastic bags and plastic bottles and improving the island's ecological values, such as coral reefs and clean beaches. Source: Vietnam News Agency Sakon Nakhon, Important evidence has been revealed tying the culprits to the arrest of father and sister. Put in a steel box, weigh it down and put it out. The village headman revealed that before the incident I noticed two metal boxes placed on a stand. I was surprised so I took a photo. Until the bodies of two father and son were found drowned in water. The perpetrator surrenders to the evidence. The owner of the steel shop It is revealed that the perpetrator ordered a steel box made. Claiming to use it to make YouTube content The origin of the discovery of the steel box that became this shocking case and is important evidence to tie the perpetrator It comes from the observation of the village headman of Sang Khui. Mr. Phongphat Inthichan, the village headman, said that around 2:00 p.m. yesterday (January 8, 2024) when he came to inspect the village's water supply system. and passed the pond where the incident occurred Notice that in the pool there is a metal platform raised high from the water. And there were 2 steel boxes placed on the steel pallet. I was surprised so I took a photo. When I asked the residents, no one knew what was wrong. Then around 11:00 p.m., a resident came to report that he had heard a commotion, similar to people fighting in the area of ??the pond where the incident occurred. I asked to come and check myself, so I went to inform the police at Phang Khon Police Station along with the administration and residents to go and check. Arrived and found a sedan parked and met Mr. Warut. stand alone When asked, he said there was nothing. As for the father and sister who came with him, they have already returned to their accommodation. The village headman is concerned. Feeling unusual So I looked at the stand in the pool. It was found that two large metal boxes were gone when they looked at the light nearby. The stand showed a dark shadow. In the water at a depth of about 2 meters, when I looked closely I found that there were 2 steel boxes, so I asked for help to bring them up to inspect. Whe n he opened it, he was shocked because he found two corpses in it. Finally, when Mr. Warut surrendered with evidence He admitted that he was the one who committed the crime. By devising a trick to trick his father and younger sister into sleeping in a metal box. He claimed that he wanted to know how he would feel if he let the fisherman sleep inside. When father and younger sister fall into a metal box Immediately he pushed the metal box into the water. In addition, evidence was found from CCTV cameras. It was found that before the incident there was a six-wheeled truck carrying goods into the area. It is believed that they were hired to transport steel boxes for delivery. From the information it was found that this family was quite wealthy. There is a dormitory business in Sawang Daen District, Sakon Nakhon Province, is a 3-story dormitory. The mother of the perpetrator is a former government official. He died in October last year. Relatives revealed that the father had had arguments with his son. Meanwh ile, relatives said that before the incident the family of Mr. Prayat, the deceased, had left a dormitory key for him. Said that he would visit Bhumibol Dam, Tak Province, at noon yesterday. Mr. Prayat said that he would take his son to a resort in Phang Khon District. He himself had not seen Mr. Warut for a long time since he was in Mathayom 6, and just saw him again yesterday. And we didn't talk to each other about anything. /Mr. Warut's mother once told her that Mr. Warut was a good student. Has computer skills. As for Ms. Phiangphen, her younger sister, when she was a child, she was separated from her family while traveling to Phu Kradueng. and since then his mental state has not been very normal. As for Mr. Prayat, he is a good-natured person. But he had an argument with Mr. Warut, his son, when his wife died. October last year But I don't know what the matter is. The perpetrator ordered a steel box to be made. Claiming to make YouTube content The news team followed up to the steel shop where the perpe trator had specially made two boxes in Sawang Daen Din District. The shop owner said that the culprit ordered them on November 25 last year for 12,000 baht. The first box was 1 meter and 80 centimeters long. The other box was 1 meter and 90 centimeters long. He said that it would be made into a multi-purpose box for fishing boxes. which the store itself is not bothered about When finished, take it to the multi-purpose building of the Sanam Chai community. Sawang Daen Din District Because the perpetrator claimed that he would use it to make YouTube content. Until a six-wheeled truck was brought out yesterday (8 January 2024). Speed ??up the investigation into whether the perpetrator is mentally ill or not? Now the steel box of important evidence is kept at Phang Khon Police Station and it is reported that after yesterday the perpetrator confessed, but today (January 9, 2024) his attitude has begun to change. Give me another distraction Authorities had to investigate hard to find a motive for the crime. and h asten to collect evidence In addition to casting iron There is a receipt for ordering a steel box. and images from CCTV cameras. Initial charges are "killing another person with intent and premeditation." As for the cruelty charge, evidence is being collected against them. As for the news that the perpetrator had ever been mentally ill or not? Officials are rushing to check medical records. Including information about the motive for the crime that was rumored to be because of the inheritance. Officials are rushing to investigate the facts in order to gain complete clarity. Source: Thai News Agency

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