Grandma’s tears fell from sleep deprivation and she made brooms to sell. Totally stolen

Prachinburi, A 65-year-old grandmother sheds tears, making brooms all day and all night at 3 a.m., waking up to take brooms and putting them out ready to sell, hoping to earn 2,000 baht to make a living, but instead, dark hands sneak in and snatch all the brooms away. Every Tuesday morning In the area of ??Kabinburi Subdistrict Municipality, Prachinburi Province, a flea market will be opened for vendors to sell their wares. Early this morning, Grandma Paiboon Paitoon is 65 years old and sells brooms. I carry brooms that I have made, both soft ones, plastic ones, short ones, long ones, and cobweb brooms. Put it on the market to prepare for sale. But with having to carry it alone Makes you have to carry it many times. The final round came back and almost brought tears to my eyes. Because the 30 brooms that had been placed were all stolen. Grandma sells them for 50 baht per handle, equivalent to 1,500 baht worth of money disappearing. Grandma said in a trembling voice, I tried to keep my eyes closed and fell asleep. I made brooms to sell, hoping to get 2,000 baht as capital and a living because I stopped selling them for 2 weeks and woke up at 2 and 3 a.m. to carry them. It is believed that the person who stole it must have come to take a look at it already. When Grandma wasn't home, she shoveled it all away. Plus, it was 5:00 a.m. and it wasn't light yet. Merchants gradually put out their merchandise. Make no one care about anyone And you might also know where Grandma put her broom. There are no municipal CCTV cameras. And the cameras of the neighboring shops couldn't reach them. The villain was delighted. Take all the brooms. Source: Thai News Agency

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