Gov’t data show foreigner residential trends by profession

Foreign public servants reside largely in Yongsan Ward in central Seoul, while many of those with permanent residency live in Yeongdeungpo Ward in western Seoul, data showed Saturday.

According to data from Statistics Korea, 533, or 45.5 percent of the 1,170 foreigners with the A-1 visa granted to foreign diplomats, live in Yongsan Ward. Of the total 640 foreigners in Seoul on the A-2 visa for public service, 272, or 42.5 percent, live in the same district.

Based on the data about visas issued as of the end of last year, those with permanent residency tend to live in the Yeongdeungpo, Guro and Geumcheon Wards.

Of the 45,751 foreigners in Seoul on the F-5 visa granting permanent residency, 8,242, a fifth of the total, live in Yeongdeungpo Ward, while those living in the Guro and Geumcheon Wards account for 14.3 percent and 7.9 percent of total F-5 visa holders, respectively.

Moreover, data show that one in three foreigners who stay in Seoul under the D-6 visa issued to those who engage in religious and social activities live in the Jongno or Seongbuk Wards.

Of the 565 total foreigners with a D-6 visa, 119, or 21 percent, live in Jongno Ward, while 74, or 13.1 percent, live in Seongbuk Ward.

Foreigners with the E-6 visa granted to artists were found to live mostly in the southern part of Seoul, including the Gangnam, Songpa and Gwangjin Wards, while the majority of foreign journalists live in the Mapo and Yongsan Wards.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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