Gov’t calls for measures to reduce bird deaths from glass collisions

SEOUL, The Ministry of Environment on Wednesday called for nationwide efforts to reduce bird deaths from glass collisions, estimating that about 8 million birds are killed in South Korea annually by colliding with transparent windows.

The ministry said it will join hands with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and other government bodies to push for various measures to protect birds from the dangers of glass collisions.

First of all, the ministry will revise construction-related regulations to minimize the installation of transparent soundproof walls. In case of unavoidable installation, the authorities will require contractors to apply uniformly spaced patterns that birds can recognize.

The ministry will also ask local governments and relevant institutions to attach anti-collision tape onto transparent building glass and soundproof walls beginning next month.

The ministry said it detected bird collisions with 56 buildings and soundproof walls nationwide between December 2017 and last August. In those places, 378 birds, including 85 turtle doves, were found dead. Two endangered birds were also among the victims.

In consideration of data on transparent building glass and soundproof walls and the detection rate of dead birds, the ministry estimated the number of collision deaths of birds at 8 million a year.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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