Governor of Chiang Mai announces 5 districts affected by disaster.

House, Government spokesperson reveals Chiang Mai governor has declared disaster affected areas. and a total of 5 disaster relief zones, targeting the most affected areas along the border. Helping the people, emphasizing that most hot spots do not originate from Thailand. It is caused by cross-border dust and smoke. Mr. Chai Watcharong, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the government acted with determination. Thank you for the cooperation from every part. As a result of hard work, the hot spots are much smaller than last year and the latest PM 2.5 situation in the northern region. It was found that the origin of most hot spots did not originate from Thailand, with more than 7,600 hot spots in Myanmar, more than 5,000 in Laos, and approximately 1,600 in Thailand. Therefore, it is clearly seen that the current PM 2.5 problem has The main cause is dust and smoke across the border. This made the Chiang Mai Governor decide to proceed with the steps of the plan to manage the air pollution crisis. By declaring disaster affected areas and a district providing assistance to victims of fire emergencies, totaling 5 districts, targeting areas directly affected in some sub-districts within the 5 districts, most of which have borders with neighboring countries. This is to expedite the way for public health relief assistance to reach the area as quickly as possible. A spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office stated that regarding the PM 2.5 problem, it must be considered that Thai officials in all sectors have worked together to prevent, supervise, and control the root cause very well. It is in accordance with the guidelines that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, has always strictly supervised the work. This makes the number of hot spots much less than last year. 'The actions of the Governor of Chiang Mai are in line with the problem management plan. of the government which has prepared Believe that people will receive help Quick relief Aid will reach the area in a targete d manner as soon as possible,' Mr. Chai said. Source: Thai News Agency

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