Giving birth and abandoning a child in a sugar cane field Villagers found and named “Nong Songkran”

Udon ThaniA healthy male baby was found. Abandoned in a sugar cane field at the end of Sokkae Village, Village No. 5, Mueang Phia Subdistrict, Kut Chap District, Udon Thani Province, named by villagers. "Nong Songkran" At 7:00 a.m. today (April 12), Pol. Lt. Col. Yuenyong Khambon, investigation detective at Kut Chap Police Station, Kut Chap District, Udon Thani Province, received a notification from Radio Center 191, Udon Thani Province. A villager found a newborn baby, male, in a sugar cane field at the end of Sok Kae Village, Village No. 5, Mueang Phia Subdistrict, Kut Chap District, Udon Thani Province, so they rushed to investigate. Meet the staff Ban Sok Kae Subdistrict Health Promoting Hospital Help wipe the child check the body The child is healthy. Expected to give birth in the middle of the night. The villagers named it "Nong Songkran" The villagers who found the child Bring the police to investigate the scene. It is a hut in a sugarcane plantation, raised on an open floor. Blood stains were found and the placenta had been cut and placed on the ground. and found a 5-inch long fruit peeling knife lying on a wooden litter, as well as a 20-liter water bucket belonging to the owner of the cottage. It was completely used to clean. Next 5 meters, traces of a child were found placed in a furrow in a sugar cane field. Next to him, blood-stained women's underwear lay on the floor. The police kept it as evidence. Tale, the person who met Nong Songkran, said that in the morning he rode a motorcycle with a sidecar to his sister's sugarcane farm. heard a cry At first I thought it was the sound of a bird. or the sound of a puppy, so he went to look and found a baby abandoned in a sugar cane rut not wearing clothes clean body So he picked up the child. Wrapped the child in his own clothes, took him on a motorcycle into the village to notify the village headman before calling 1669 to take the child to Kut Chap Hospital. Village headman Sokkae Revealed from questioning officials Ban Sok Kae Subdistrict Health Promoti ng Hospital Are there any people in the sub-district who are pregnant and about to give birth during this time? The Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital has informed that out of 6 villages, there are 7 pregnant women, 2 have given birth, and the remaining 5 are still pregnant. It is assumed that they are not from the village. Source: Thai News Agency

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