Foreign ministry to set up own videoconferencing system for better security

SEOUL, The foreign ministry is pushing to build its own videoconference platform to improve security as virtual meetings continue across the world due to the new coronavirus pandemic, officials said Sunday.
The ministry currently uses its intranet for talks with overseas missions but relies on private platforms for discussions with foreign governments or international organizations.
“Before COVID-19, we talked in person, so there were no concerns over leakage through the internet, but now as overseas trips are difficult, we need a platform where we can talk online without having to worry about such problems,” an official said.
The government’s plan is to keep the internet-based new system’s server inside the ministry to minimize the possibility of hacking.
It plans to set up the platform by next year and will seek a 6.2 billion-won (US$5.2 million) budget increase from the National Assembly for the project, according to officials.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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