Foreign ministry demands Turkish TV apologize for wrongly using Moon photo

SEOUL, South Korea's foreign ministry on Sunday strongly called on a Turkish broadcasting station to make a formal apology for using President Moon Jae-in's photo to represent a murder suspect.

On Feb. 25, Turkey-based Show TV used Moon's photo in a news program which covered the murder of a Filipino maid.

The broadcaster deleted the video online after receiving strong complaints from the South Korean embassy in Ankara but has not yet aired any statement saying that it made a serious mistake.

"The government made multiple complaints to the broadcaster through its embassy immediately after the program was aired and demanded an apology," an official from the foreign ministry said. "Seoul also called for assurances to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future."

The officials said the broadcaster sent a formal letter of apology to the government earlier this month, but Seoul reiterated its stance that the apology should be made through its programs.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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