Follow the movements of the senators.

parliamentary atmosphere Several media outlets followed the movement of the senators after the 8 coalition parties signed an MOU together and there was no agenda on amending Section 112 of the criminal law as a joint agenda. In the morning, there were 2


. Came out to reveal to the media, namely, Mr. Wanchai Sornsiri and Mr. Kittisak Rattanawaraha, senators. consider that this issue depends on How will each senator make a decision? By now, all the senators have yet to meet formally. There are only small groups Which still has about 2 months left to make a decision. As far as he asked, divided into 3 groups: 1. Decided whether to choose or not to choose Mr. Phitha. 2. Haven't decided yet. Wait and see the situation first and 3. groups that have not yet decided as well. and will decide on voting day at once


As for Senator Kittisak Rattanawaraha, he reiterated his position not to vote for "Pitha" and said that although it was not included in the MOU, but yesterday, Mr. Phitha himself said that he would propose this matter to the Council for consideration. because he had already campaigned, if he didn't change it, he would become "no ku" again, which Mr. Kittisak considered that the proposed amendment to section 112 would be a law that caused controversy. Killing each other, so Mr. Phitha shouldn't be prime minister. Ready to confirm as usual that he will not vote for him, saying "What word did Kittisak say ?

Source: Thai News Agency

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