FM voices hope for Korea peace process to inspire Middle East peace endeavors

SEOUL, South Korea's Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha on Thursday expressed hope that ongoing diplomatic efforts for a lasting peace on the divided peninsula will inspire endeavors to bring peace in conflict-laden Middle Eastern countries.

During a banquet to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with the Muslim community in Seoul, the minister also called for its support for the Seoul government's drive for a nuclear-free peninsula.

Since 2004, Seoul's foreign ministry has hosted the Iftar banquet every year. Iftar refers to the first evening meal Muslims have at the end of their daily fast during Ramadan.

Ramadan is observed during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar to mark the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. During Ramadan, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and smoking from dawn till dusk.

Source: Yonhap news Agency

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