First CLV Parliamentary Summit wraps up

The first Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Parliamentary Summit wrapped up in Vientiane, Laos, on December 6, with the issuance of a joint statement on promoting the parliamentary role in bolstering the comprehensive cooperation among the three countries. Top legislators of the three countries signed the joint statement, re-affirming their commitment to expanding and deepening the parliamentary cooperation and partnership with a view to maintaining and protecting the close collaboration for common benefits among the three parliaments, thus contributing to promoting collaboration across politics, security, defence, culture and economy for the socio-economic development in the CLV countries. They pledged to carry out the supervisory role of the parliament in handling shortcomings for the benefits of people in the CLV Development Triangle Area, and the three countries as a whole. The joint statement also demonstrated the agreement among the three parliaments on cooperation priorities in three pillars of politics- foreign affairs, defence-security, and economy-culture-society. In his speech, Vietnamese National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue spoke highly of the joint statement, which mentions the issues of the three countries' interests, while affirming the resolve of parliamentary organisations in accompanying the governments to boost cooperation in all sectors, as well as keep a close watch on the implementation of the signed agreements for the benefits of the three peoples. Laying stress on the significance of the promotion and consolidation of the cooperative ties and solidarity among Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam amidst the globe's complicated development, diverse forms of forces' gatherings, and fierce competition, Hue suggested the three parliaments work closely, and support each other to promote the supervision of the implementation of the signed documents as well as orientations to develop the ties among the three countries. Hue affirmed that the Vietnamese National Assembly will coordinate with the Cambodia n and Lao sides to effectively enhance the role of the parliament in supervision work, and carry out the joint statement, and promote the settlement of the shortcomings so as to complete the set targets. As Vietnam will host the second summit in 2025, Hue invited his Cambodian and Laos counterparts to engage in activities held within the framework of the summit, making contributions to enhancing the friendship and solidarity among the three countries./. Source: Vietnam News Agency

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