Fire at Ulsan fiber factory mostly contained with no severe casualties

ULSAN– Firefighters mostly contained a blaze that broke out at a synthetic fiber manufacturing factory in the southeastern city of Ulsan on Sunday after battling the fire for nearly a day, authorities said.

The fire, which broke out at 6:55 p.m. at a combined seven-story factory of Hyosung TNC Corp., had been mostly contained around 1:55 p.m., about 20 hours after it started, according to the Ulsan Fire Department.

Firefighters were working to completely put out remaining small flames as of 3 p.m., it said.

Two of the factory’s workers were sent to a hospital after inhaling smoke while trying to extinguish the fire at an early stage. No additional casualties have been reported as there was nobody else inside the factory at the time.

The fire is believed to have started on the first basement floor and spread to upper levels and a nearby storage warehouse, firefighters said.

Ulsan Fire Department has mobilized a total of 660 firefighters, and 84 fire engines, trucks and helicopters to contain the blaze in cooperation with fire authorities of neighboring areas of the city of Busan and Gyeongsang Provinces.

Fire authorities said they had difficulty extinguishing the fire due to inflammable items at the factory and strong wind.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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