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‘Fang Honey Oranges’ registered as a new GI product

Nonthaburi, Department of Intellectual Property Announcing the registration of a new Geographical Indication or GI item "Fang Nam Phueng Orange", a famous product of Chiang Mai Province. Fruit color is yellowish-orange. Sweet and sour taste and has a clear identity It is popular and widely known. Generate income for the community of more than 270 million baht per year. Ms. Kanittha Kangwanit, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property, said that the Department has announced the registration. 'Fang Nam Phueng Oranges' is the 5th GI product of Chiang Mai Province. Next to the Mae Chaem Tin Chok cloth, Bo Sang umbrella, Celadon Chiang Mai. and Thepsadej coffee that had been previously registered 'Fang Nam Phueng Oranges' had their original origin in Yala Province and were called 'Shogun Oranges' and were brought to be cultivated in the Fang District area. Chiang Mai Province Most of the area is high mountains. There are many important natural water sources, including the Fang River, Hu ai Mae Jai, Mae Mao River, Mae Pho River, Mae Mao Dam, Ban Huai Bon Dam, Huai Mae Ngon. There are also hot springs, which are a natural phenomenon where high-temperature water flows from underground into the air This makes the soil rich in minerals suitable for growing honey oranges. With this geographic source This allows the Honey Fang oranges to grow well. The skin is greenish-yellow, greenish-orange, shiny, the shrimp meat is firm and juicy, the skin and fibers are soft, the taste is sweet and sour, and the aroma is good. However, it will have a clear identity that is different from Sai Nam Phueng oranges from other growing areas. If harvested during the winter Honey Fang oranges have orange-yellow skin. outstanding Therefore, it is very popular and in high market demand during the New Year and Chinese New Year festivals. In addition, local agencies also provide support. Sai Nam Phueng Fang oranges are considered a good thing in Chiang Mai province. Create fame and income for the community, providing mor e than 270 million baht per year. Source: Thai News Agency

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