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Ex-Cap leverages the Tether Gold token (XAUt) to provide clients with trading accounts backed by physical gold

LONDON, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Future Finance Group´s innovative platform is launching cutting-edge trading product for the most demanding customers. After platform itself launching in late 2022, it already brings this novelty product “Gold Backed Accounts” to its first customers starting 1st of April 2023.

The Ex-Cap platform provides clients with 3 types of trading accounts, and from April 2023 it offers an absolute novelty on the market – trading accounts backed by physical gold. This is achieved thanks to the possibility to maintain a trading account in the cryptocurrency Tether Gold, which is backed by gold, which can be physically delivered to clients in Switzerland even in a shortened period of time.

Completely new possibilities are brought by the combination of a proven store of money value together with all the advantages of digital currencies. At a time of growing demand for inflation protection, the platform combines the many benefits of holding gold with innovations in the world of digital currencies. The client has a digital currency XAUt on his trading account, which he can personally convert into physical gold in the form of ingots on request in Switzerland.

Another option is to maintain an account in the Tether stablecoin, which allows clients to trade in an account currency that is immune to fluctuations in the exchange rates of classic cryptocurrencies.

Compared to other ways of owning gold, XAUt has the advantage of providing anti-inflationary protection while being highly liquid and suitable for short-term trading. On the contrary, long-term investors will appreciate the absence of fees associated with holding the XAUt token and its above-standard security.

In addition, you can have an account maintained in the third largest cryptocurrency in Tether – US(D)T, which has a total capitalization in the tens of billions of dollars

Tether, the company that issues the digital currency, holds adequate dollar reserves, according to the latest audit. Another advantage is the increased speed of transactions. Depending on the deposit or withdrawal method used, the platform is able to process deposits or withdrawals as little as 60 seconds.

Why Ex-Cap?

The way the platform applies these new technologies allows the investor to retain the benefits of owning gold while not losing the opportunity to react to what is happening on the markets. If the trading account is maintained in XAUt, it is fully backed by gold and it is possible to immediately place any trading orders on all available markets within the proven MetaTrader4 trading platform.

In addition to the standard cryptocurrency offer, has a very wide range of tokenized stocks and futures, thanks to which clients can build exposure to both classic and exotic markets. Thanks to this, a client looking for a comprehensive trading solution no longer has to simultaneously operate and pay for 2-3 trading accounts.

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