EU keeps Georgia on list of safe countries to open borders

The EU Council has left unchanged the list of foreign countries with which European countries are recommended to open external borders, Trend reports via Georgian media.
Georgia has managed to maintain the status of a safe state in terms of the epidemiological situation.
The list now includes Georgia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Rwanda, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, South Korea, and Japan.
The EU began opening its internal borders on 15 June. The first version of the list of “green countries” was approved by the EU Council on 30 June. Then it included 14 countries. Two weeks later, in mid-July, the EU Council reduced the list to 12 countries, excluding Serbia and Montenegro. On July 30, the third edition was adopted, excluding Algeria, and on August 8, the fourth, without Morocco.
This document has not changed since then. Georgia remains on the list invariably.
In determining the third countries for which travel restrictions should be lifted, criteria such as the epidemiological situation measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, economic, and social considerations are taken into account.
The list itself is advisory in nature. EU states can independently decide on the opening of borders with countries from the list. At the same time, they cannot allow entry to citizens of states that are not included in it.

Source: TREND News Agency

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