economist Encourage upgrading of technology, developing workers

Bangkok, May 1 - Economist Encourage upgrading of technology and developing labor instead of relying on cheap labor from neighboring countries. advise the new government country strategy counterbalance of economic power between China and the United States

Anusorn Tamajai, Member of Pridi Banomyong International College, Thammasat University And a former director of the Bank of Thailand revealed that Thailand is now at risk of a labor shortage in the agricultural industry. The manufacturing sector uses highly skilled workers. Thailand enters an aging society and has a very low birth rate acknowledged that the Thai economic system must rely on migrant workers from neighboring countries To drive the country's economy, therefore, the new government should have strategies and policies on population structure and migrant workers. as well as appropriate resettlement of people without Thai nationality.

The new government should not allow permanent settlements. without organizing Economic, political, social and security dimensions must be clearly considered. Because the liberalization to foreigners and foreign investors in real estate business, land which is a limited resource and most Thai people still cannot access land and real estate resources Therefore, it must be done carefully and concisely. The important thing is to use technology. come to develop Thai workers to have more potential

Recognize that Thailand has expanded its economy and international trade. That does not make the overall welfare of the society or the people much better in economics, called

"Immiserizing Growth" is a condition of expanding trade. But it made the trade rate worse. and worsening trade rates It has more negative effects than positive effects from the expansion of trade. thus leading to wealth Overall welfare has decreased. The country also had to buy imported goods at high prices. while having to drastically reduce the price of exports in order to sell more Thailand must therefore be an economic system. heavily reliant on international trade

Dr. Anusorn said that in 2023, after getting a new government after the election It is expected that Thailand will be able to negotiate a free trade agreement. in various economic cooperation frameworks carefully more strategically and concisely Participating in globalization with more political and economic power competition between China and the United States. The new government should position Thailand strategically. by emphasizing more sustainable and equitable development .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

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