Drunk driving cases during the 5-day Songkran festival decreased by 32.3% from last year.

Director General of the Probation Department. Revealed: 3,973 cases of drunk driving during Songkran 5 days, a 32.3% decrease from last year. Mr. Rueangsak Suwaree, Director-General of the Probation Department, said that the statistics of the court-ordered probation cases on April 15, 2024 totaled 242 cases, classified as 236 cases of driving while intoxicated and 30 cases of drugged driving, for a cumulative total of 5. There were 4,132 cases of the 7 Dangerous Days, classified as 3,973 cases of driving while intoxicated, accounting for 96.15 percent, 3 cases of careless driving, accounting for 0.07 percent, and 156 cases of drugged driving, accounting for 3.78 percent. There were the number one drunk driving cases with 446 cases, followed by Nonthaburi with 238 cases and Samut Prakan with 214 cases. When comparing the statistics of cases sent to probation cumulatively for 5 days of 7 Dangerous Days in 2023, it was found that there were 5,869 cases of driving while drunk and last year 2024, the number of c ases was 3,973, a decrease of 1,896 cases, accounting for 32.3 percent. In addition, probation offices throughout the country Continue to support the work of officials in providing public services. in collaboration with probation volunteers network partners and probationers As well as organizing checkpoint visits and distributing drinking water at public service points. There were 162 checkpoints and community checkpoints, with a total of 4,167 people participating in the activities in order to facilitate traffic for people to travel safely. Source: Thai News Agency

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