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DP slams Yoon’s veto of nursing act, calling it act of ‘arrogance’

The main opposition Democratic Party (DP) on Tuesday criticized President Yoon Suk Yeol's veto of the controversial nursing act, labeling it as an act of "arrogance" that disregards the legislative right of the National Assembly.

Yoon exercised his veto power for the second time since taking office to reject the act, which is aimed at defining nurses' roles and improving their working conditions. The act was unilaterally passed by the DP last month amid strong protests from doctors and nursing assistants.

"President Yoon's veto of the nursing act is 'hypocrisy' that only cares for the medical system on the outside, 'incompetence' that does not carry out a presidential election pledge, and 'arrogance' that disregards the National Assembly's legislative right," DP spokesman Rep. Kim Han-kyu said in a release.

The DP, supported by nurses, has argued the bill is essential in redefining roles of nurses as more independent and professional services amid growing medical needs. The party has also argued that the act was one of Yoon's campaign promises ahead of last year's presidential election.

Doctors, meanwhile, have opposed the bill, arguing the legislation would cause confusion in the medical sector because it could lead to nurses opening their own clinics without doctors' supervision. Nursing assistants have also opposed the bill, saying it would create discrimination.

"The DP plans to proceed with a revote in accordance with the public's wishes," Kim said.

The PPP touted President Yoon's decision, saying the bill, which was railroaded by the DP, created an excessive conflict in the medical circle.

"The PPP and the government will seek a solution by putting the people's health ahead of anything else," Rep. Park Dae-chul, the PPP's chief policymaker, said during a party meeting.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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