Dong Thap decor products give added value to lotus flowers

Lotus is a signature plant of the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, which can be seen almost everywhere and is a local magnet for tourists. Currently, lotus growing areas are concentrated in Thap Muoi, Cao Lanh, and Lap Vo districts with total areas approximating 1,840 hectares in 2023, generating incomes averaging 1,150 USD per ha each season. The lotus-based industry yielded 79 million USD in gross production value last year. Aligning with the provincial goals of developing the local lotus industry towards a circular economy and green growth, the Ecolotus Vietnam company in My Tho town researched and developed an exclusive preservation technology to keep the lotus fresh for the longest time possible. The technology inspires various craft products like handbags, paintings, interior decoration products and art pieces made from lotus, giving Dong Thap province additional value-added products from lotuses. The company's products are popular for its high aesthetics and eco-friendliness, and have been exported to foreign markets. Source: Vietnam News Agency

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