Don Lee’s ‘The Roundup: Punishment’ sets presale record for the series

The action film "The Roundup: Punishment," starring Ma Dong-seok, also known as Don Lee globally, has been pre-sold to 164 countries ahead of its release later this month, the film's distributor said Friday. This sets a presale record for the successful police action series "The Roundup," with the previous installments, "The Roundup" (2022) and "The Roundup: No Way Out" (2023), being pre-sold to 132 and 158 countries, respectively. "The Roundup: Punishment" follows the tenacious cop Ma Seok-do (played by Ma Dong-seok) as he tracks down the ruthless global drug kingpin, Baek Chang-ki (played by Kim Moo-yeol), and the cryptocurrency entrepreneur, Chang Dong-cheol (played by Lee Dong-hwi), who utilizes illegal online casinos for money laundering. In February, the film had its global premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival as part of the special gala section. It is scheduled for release in South Korea on April 24, with international premieres following sequentially. The film will debut in Indones ia on the same day as its South Korean release and then continue its release in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries until next month. Source: Yonhap News Agency

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