‘Doctor Strange’ debuts to solid No. 1 in S. Korea

Marvel Studios and Disney's "Doctor Strange" claimed the top spot at the South Korean box office over the weekend with more than 1.6 million in attendance, data showed Monday.

Released on Wednesday, the American superhero movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch has since drawn about 2.4 million viewers after topping the 2 million mark only on the fifth day of its run, according to the real-time based box office tally from the Korean Film Council.

A still cut from Hollywood superhero film "Doctor Strange." (Yonhap) A still cut from Hollywood superhero film "Doctor Strange." (Yonhap)

South Korean comedy "Luck-Key" was relegated to second place but remained strong at the box office, selling 713,751 tickets on its third weekend. The film, if this trend goes on, is soon expected to surpass the 6 million mark.

Directed by Lee Kye-byeok, the remake of a Japanese movie is about a hired killer (Yoo Hae-jin) who loses his memory after slipping and banging his head on the floor of a public bath. After the memory loss, he believes that he is a no-name actor.

Coming the third is director Lee Doo-han's horror thriller "Hide-and-never Seek," which was seen by 125,225 people.

Starring Ryu Deok-hwan and Jo Bok-rae, the local film revolves around a show host and a producer of Afreeca TV, an online video streaming service, tracking a high school girl who disappeared while performing rituals of necromancy.

Tom Hanks' "Inferno" dropped to No. 4 with 56,340, followed by "The Notebook," a 2004 romantic drama that reopened in local theaters on Oct. 19. The film was seen by 24,511 people last weekend.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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