“Doctor Chonnan” explains the principle of ‘changing addicts into patients’

Dr. Chonnan" confirms that "drug dealers" just take one pill and they will go to jail. As for those who take no more than 5 pills, they must be treated, insisting on the principle of 'turning addicts into patients'. Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, Minister of Public Health, said that ministerial regulations stipulate the amount of narcotics and psychotropic substances. It is assumed that it is in possession for consumption. which was announced on February 9th In accordance with the Cabinet resolution in order to have a common understanding Therefore, I would like to clarify as follows. On November 3, 2023, the agencies involved in this matter met. To lay down criteria for the prevention and suppression of methamphetamine drugs after carefully and comprehensively presenting information from each side. There is a unanimous opinion that People who have no more than 5 methamphetamine pills when caught by police. It is assumed that it is in possession for consumption. and to be a psychiatric patient who should be treated and cured to normal. Which normally requires a prison sentence not exceeding 1 year, but it must depend on the person's willingness to agree to go for treatment or not. If they do not accept treatment, they will be prosecuted for possession of drugs for use. There is a penalty of imprisonment not exceeding 1 year. If it is proven that there is a selling behavior, it will be punished according to law. Those who have more than 5 amphetamine pills, such as 6 or more, are arrested by the police and are considered to be in possession of amphetamine, a dangerous drug. Which has the same punishment as selling, producing, importing, exporting, and distributing narcotics, that is, imprisonment from 1 year to 10 years. This conclusion is the result of a joint meeting of officials of relevant government agencies on November 3, 2023, including the Ministry of Public Health. Ministry of Justice, Office of the Narcotics Control Board, Royal Thai Police, Prosecutors, Court of Justice, etc. Ministry of Public Health There is a clear policy and guidelines that have been reiterated to Ministry personnel since they took office, namely that methamphetamine or amphetamine is a narcotic drug that must not be consumed. Do not possess, do not produce, import, export or sell, no matter how many tablets. It is considered an offense. must be punished But there are conditions regarding the number of pills that are being considered in order to be in line with the reality of the situation, such as if they are intended to be consumed, they must be taken quickly for treatment in order to be cured. before there is danger to the addict himself Or when hallucinating, they use weapons to attack people around them, including children, wives, parents, relatives, and people in general until death, as shown in the news in the mass media. If found to have drugs for sale, they will be severely punished. 5 amphetamine pills. Confirmed that he didn't just sit and think of it on his own. But it is in accordance with the principles of medical science. and mental health doctors from the Ministry of Public Health This was presented at the committee meeting that considered this matter. According to the procedures in his capacity as Minister of Public Health This matter will be forwarded to the Cabinet Secretariat. To provide a process for listening to opinions regarding the determination of the said number of methamphetamine tablets. After receiving the guidelines, which are in line with the Ministry's proposal. and has been approved by the Cabinet brought to be announced as a ministerial regulation Dr. Chonnan reiterated that everything had been agreed upon by all relevant agencies that drug dealers and all parties in society must work together. Whoever has the duty to suppress and arrest them, do so vigorously. The Ministry of Public Health is responsible for treatment. Give it back to society and try not to go back to using it again. Carrying out the thought process from many The parties come together to cooperate. Who is considered a patient and must receiv e treatment? However, even if you are an addict, if you have the behavior and circumstantial evidence that it is a trader No matter how many pills you take, you must go to jail. The government will continue to crack down on influential people and remove drugs from Thai society. By adhering to the principles 'Change addicts into patients' supporting addicts to receive effective and thorough treatment. Addicts must receive treatment. When the treatment is complete and certified, it is considered impunity. and after undergoing medical treatment will enter the process of social therapy By the principles of community therapy Until you can believe that Don't go back to taking it again. have good behavior able to return to society 'I am committed to returning our children and grandchildren to the embrace of the community, while also accelerating treatment for drug addiction brain disease. Reduce the problem of returning to addiction, not returning to addiction again. Be a good citizen For a happy society and a nat ion safe from drugs, we emphasize that even one who sells pills will go to jail,' Dr. Chonnan said Source: Thai News Agency

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