DK ShowMaker: “Chovy has a unique way of breaking down and figuring out the meta. He actually inspired me with my rune choices tonight.”

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On Jan 13, DWG KIA defeated KT Rolster 2-0 on day 2 of the 2022 LCK Spring split. Game 1 looked fairly stale until the Elder Dragon contest, where it only took one key Orianna ultimate from Heo “ShowMaker” Su to win the game. After DK’s win, ShowMaker joined the press room at LoL Park for an interview. He first sat down to talk about the match, where he reflected on the mistakes that he and the team made in the series. “We made a lot of mistakes, and I think the one objective teamfight that I wish we played better was the Herald fight. I think we executed the other teamfights quite well. ShowM…

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