Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade believes that diesel fuel is increasing. It doesn’t make the product rise accordingly.

Nonthaburi, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade confirms that he is closely monitoring all consumer products. Although there is a possibility that the price of diesel will increase after the government will not use measures to fix the price of diesel at 30 baht per liter, causing the price of diesel to gradually increase. The impact will be more on transportation than on production costs. He pointed out that he would like to wait and see clarity before inviting product manufacturers to discuss helping freeze products to help consumers first. Mr. Wattanasak Suea-iam, Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade, said that the department would like to wait to see clarity on the government's policy regarding the diesel price fixing measure before it expires on April 19, whether there will be a further fixing measure or not. Let diesel fuel exceed 30 baht per liter, to what extent does it depend on the price of oil in the world market? It is accepted that the diesel fuel group that will gradually increase the impact will mostly be on the transportation side rather than the impact on product production. But from what I've heard, the industrial sector is willing to bear the burden of transportation costs themselves and will not push the burden of asking for price increases for consumer products. 'The Department monitors and analyzes the cost of producing every consumer product, every product, every day. And it is also seen that even though the price of diesel fuel will begin to increase, the majority of the impact will be on the transportation side rather than production costs. Because if we consider that each type of product that is produced has a variety of raw materials, then in order to increase the price of the product, we have to look at how much of that type of product is affected by diesel oil. And if calculated, the actual impact is considered to be a small proportion. Therefore, it is not a reason to ask for an increase in product prices from the impact of the increase in diesel pri ces,' Mr. Wattanasak said. However, if any business operator sees that the impact of increased diesel prices has an impact on the cost of producing products, they can submit a request to adjust products that are actually affected to the Department of Internal Trade for consideration. If analyzed and found to have an impact on the actual production costs of the product, the Department will approve an increase in the price of that product. But if considering the impact on costs, not much, the Department We will ask for cooperation to help freeze that type of product first to help reduce the cost of living for the people. And if the government's policy guidelines on taking care of the diesel fuel group have come out The Department will invite all product manufacturers and department stores to come to a meeting to discuss and ask for cooperation in helping to fix the prices of all products first to help fellow citizens. This is to prevent consumers from being taken advantage of. The Department of Internal Trade has emphasized that business operators and shops must clearly post signs showing the selling prices. If found, strict legal action will be taken. In the case of not posting a sign showing the price, there will be a penalty of a fine not exceeding 10,000 baht or if there is excessive profit making. There will be a penalty of imprisonment not exceeding 7 years, a fine not exceeding 140,000 baht, or both. If people see unfair sales of products or services You can report it at the hotline 1569 or the Provincial Commerce Office in every province nationwide. Source: Thai News Agency

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