Department of Business Development travels to Pattani Supporting community business growth

Pattani, Director-General of the Department of Business Development visited Pattani Province to inspect 3 community entrepreneurs in seafood processing, herbal and wholesale and retail businesses. Listen to suggestions To be used in planning to promote and develop entrepreneurs in the southern border special economic zone for sustainable growth. Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director General of the Department of Business Development The Ministry of Commerce said Important missions of the Department of Business Development are in line with the goals of Mr. Phumitham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, and Mr. Naphinthorn Srisangpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce. Went to the area to meet all groups of entrepreneurs. To reach the needs of the business sector in each area as much as possible This results in the form and guidelines for providing assistance, promoting and developing the potential of entrepreneurs in a precise manner. Help expand various marketing channels. Eliminate trade bar riers Facilitate the business sector, including creating business balance through hiring people in the area. Helps stimulate the local economy to circulate. Strengthen local businesses in the long term However, between February 29 - March 2, 2024, the Department of Business Development led a team of executives to Pattani Province to carry out activities to strengthen southern border entrepreneurs, such as cooperation signing activities to promote and support group entrepreneurs. Women from 3 southern border provinces Business negotiation activities between central traders/buyers and women entrepreneurs in the 3 southern border provinces. Community entrepreneurs in Phatthalung Province and Songkhla Province also visited the area to meet entrepreneurs in 3 business groups, including 1 seafood processing business, 2 herbal businesses, and 1 wholesale and retail business to discuss ways to promote Sustainable for the business sector as well as listening to problems/obstacles Suggestions in various areas, includi ng the need to receive assistance and support from the government sector Reasons for choosing the 3 business groups above Because it is a business that is under the promotion and support of the Department of Business Development. It is a targeted business that creates added economic value. and can hire local people to work in the business This meets the objective of the field visit and is a business with high potential that can be developed into a main economic unit that helps drive the provincial economy to be continuously strong. The first business visited was Maria Ocean Co., Ltd., a seafood processing business located in Yaring District. Maria Ocean Co., Ltd. helps fishermen in the area sell raw materials at higher prices. Focusing mainly on hiring people in the area, helping to create jobs, create careers, create income, allowing people in the area to be self-reliant under a traditional way of life. Currently, Maria Ocean exports processed seafood to sell both domestically and abroad. By bringing part o f the profits back to develop communities and people in the area to be stronger and have a better quality of life. Business operations will focus on results for the community in 5 areas: community economy; Quality of life, education, health and the environment This helps the community to be strong and sustainable. Maria Ocean Co., Ltd. is a social business that aims to create social or environmental results for the community. With support from Pattani Province and the Department of Business Development. continuously coming Business 2 Herbal business is 2.1 Langkasuka herb growing network, located in Yaring District. The famous and popular herb is Andrographis paniculata, which can be planted and grows well in the 3 southern border provinces. Lanka Suka has been developed to be 'Langkasuka Model' that has played a role in public health development since 2008 by applying the principles of Thai traditional medicine in the area. To solve health problems so that people in the community can access quality public h ealth services and herbal medicine at affordable prices. including helping to create jobs Create concrete careers for people in the area Using a participatory work process Promote strong network cooperation Make the community truly strong In the future, herbal medicines will be developed into 'premium products', leading to social businesses that help solve economic problems. Solve social problems and create sustainability for the community in a sustainable way. 2.2 Saya Herbs Company Limited is located in Mueang Pattani District. It is a legal entity that has continuously developed its own products under the brand 'Saya Herbs'. Currently, it produces and sells products that are herbal cosmetics and body products such as roll-ons, shampoos, soaps, lotions, inhalers, yellow oil, massage oils and oils. Coconut also creates brands for customers who want to start or expand their businesses. They will help produce and develop products until they pass standard certification from the FDA, MPH (Community Product Stan dards), OTOP (One Tambon Project One Thai product) Halal mark and received the 4-star OTOP award in 2019 (for shampoo, herbs and roll-on), helping customers to be confident that Saya Herbs is a quality brand. Customers can use health care products safely. Business number 3, wholesale-retail business, is Phonniwet Superstore Company Limited, operator of a super department store located in Mueang Pattani District. It is a local wholesale-retail business that has been operating in the area for more than 37 years. Currently, the proportion is 40% wholesale business and 60% retail business, most of which are consumer products that are necessary for life. Focus on selling good, standard products at economical prices with various forms of promotion. To attract people to use services and buy products. Business management will give importance to customers as the first priority. and provide opportunities for employees within the store to participate in expressing their opinions. Employees are an important part in ensu ring that the strategic plan is implemented effectively. which will enable the organization to achieve its goals Currently, there are members of the retail network of approximately 50 stores, and they provide management advice to retail stores that are members. Phonniwet Superstore Company Limited has joined the project to develop and raise standards of business management. Wholesale and retail with the Department of Business Development in 2016 and has continuously cooperated in carrying out various activities with the Department. After listening to this Let's talk about the details. Problems-obstacles of entrepreneurs, including the need to receive assistance and support from the government sector of all 3 businesses, the Department will expedite the summary of problems-obstacles. needs of the business sector Ready to prepare a comprehensive plan to develop and support businesses in each area. Emphasis is placed on cooperation with partner agencies in both the government and business sectors. It will also encourage the business sector to use innovation as a tool to increase income for businesses and people in the community. The results from visiting the area this time The more you have confidence that 'Local businesses' are an important source of employment in the area. and is an important part in driving the local economy to be strong. However, we would like to praise the business sector in the province for doing business with strength. What can be felt from local entrepreneurs is the power of cooperation of people in the area who want Pattani Province has a strong economy which is an important factor that will help drive Pattani Province can grow sustainably. and would like to invite businessmen to invest in Pattani Province because it is a province that is ready in every aspect. both the potential of people in the community Complete resources in the area Strong business network partners Facilities and infrastructure that are conducive to investment and most importantly, the Department of Business Developme nt Business registration fees have been reduced by 50% for a period of 3 years from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026 in the Special Development Zones of 5 provinces: Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala, Satun and Songkhla (only Chana, Thepha, Nathawi and Saba Yoi districts) to alleviate the fees. Expenses for running a business Continuously attract business people to invest in the area. and stimulate long-term economic growth Currently (information as of February 29, 2024), there are a total of 1,678 legal entities with a total registered capital of 9,454.66 million baht. The top 5 business types are: 1) General construction, 391 entities, capital 1,907.10 million baht 2) Retail sales of automotive fuel in specialized stores. Pump stations: 51, capital 290.70 million baht; 3) travel organizing businesses: 51, capital 72.55 million baht; 4) jewelry retail stores: 37, capital: 564.60 million baht; 5) electrical installation: 32, capital: 41.00 million baht, and can be divided into business sizes as follows: 1) Small b usinesses (S) 1,554, capital 5,985.89 million baht, 2) medium-sized businesses (L), 96 baht, capital 2,352.47 million baht, and 3) large businesses 28, capital 1,116.30 million baht, etc. Source: Thai News Agency

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