Defense chief inspects defense posture in new year

SEOUL, Defense Minister Suh Wook inspected the defense posture in the new year on Saturday aboard South Korea’s first Aegis-equipped destroyer, Sejong the Great, which was in operation in the East Sea.
The minister visited the combat command center of the warship to inspect its capacity to detect and track missiles from North Korea, according to the Ministry of National Defense.
Suh also visited the country’s general outpost (GOP) battalion in the eastern section of the border with North Korea in an effort to inspect security situations of guard posts (GP) and GOPs, the ministry said.
In November 2020, a North Korean man crossed into South Korea over the fences set up along GOPs on the eastern border, without being hindered.
The military has launched an inspection into the border security failure, as sensors installed at the barbed wire fences did not ring.
“There is a need to establish vigilance and maintain strict operational discipline while beefing up full readiness posture to complete military operations on the spot,” Suh said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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