Citizens voluntarily spreading ‘#stayhomechallenge’ movement to fight coronavirus

SEOUL, South Korean citizens have been voluntarily spreading the “#stayhomechallenge” lately to encourage one another to spend time wisely indoors, as the nation has tightened its social distancing guidelines in response to a recent spike in local coronavirus transmissions.
The entire country was placed under Level 2 of the three-tier social distancing system, beginning this week, including forcing the closure of more public institutions and private businesses and banning indoor gatherings of over 50 people.
In the face of widespread fears of COVID-19, a growing number of people are opting to stay home and find unique ways to spend time indoors, instead of venturing outside to meet with friends or travel.
Some citizens and celebrities are also spreading the #stayhomechallenge on social media by uploading photos of their indoor activities, such as home-cooked meals, homemade drinks and hobby ideas.
Participants in the online movement are also posting messages encouraging one another to stay home and sharing lists of creative ways to spend time wisely at home, which include watching their favorite dramas through video streaming services and growing plants at home.
Some of them have also uploaded posts on travel cancellations.
K-pop star IU posted a message on social media last Saturday, inviting everybody to join the #stayhomechallenge.
Various online forums of mothers, called mom cafes, have also been spreading the movement by organizing awards and other events for participants.
Some mom cafe members uploaded photos of cup coasters and orange marmalade made with their children, while others posted pictures of clean refrigerators.
The host of a mom cafe in Gyeonggi Province said she will hand out gifts to cafe members taking part in the #stayhomechallenge who garner the largest number of consenting reviews.
A resident of northern Seoul, who works as a designer, said she canceled all her appointments over the weekend and thought about ways to spend time productively at home.
“If I have no other choice but to stay home, I’m thinking about enrolling in online lectures to improve my English fluency. I also want to read more books while at home,” she said.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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