Chinese New Year, Yaowarat is lively It is estimated that more than 6 billion baht will be circulated.

Bangkok: TAT organizes the Chinese New Year Festival at Yaowarat under the concept of "Celebrating" the golden year of prosperity. This year received a response. Both Thais and foreigners Many came out to travel wearing red shirts. TAT, Ministry of Culture and Tourism People's Republic of China and the Embassy of the People's Republic of China Based in Thailand Participate in the Chinese New Year event at Yaowarat which officially opened yesterday. By transforming more than 1.5 kilometers of Yaowarat Road into a pedestrian street. There are more than 100 famous Yaowarat food booths set up as booths under the concept of "Celebrating" the Golden Year of Prosperity." There will also be Thai and Chinese cultural performances appropriate to the era, light and sound shows, and media. Mixing the story of faith of Thai-Chinese people with the projection mapping performance "The Dragon King", the story of beliefs and faith of Thai-Chinese people. While the People's Republic of China brings cultural performances to share cultural exchanges between the two countries, there will also be food booth activities and performances, which will be held for 2 days and 2 nights this Saturday and Sunday until midnight. In addition to world-famous street food Another highlight of Yaowarat Chinese New Year. What foreign tourists admire is Golden Dragon Tunnel The area of ??the Chaloem Phrakiat arch is beautifully decorated and decorated with lights. There is a beautiful light tunnel for taking photos, extending until February 29. It's not all over yet. Besides coming to travel and taste the food, you can also make a fire to pay homage to the gods and ask for blessings. Enhance good fortune On the occasion of Chinese New Year Festival Both at the Thian Fah Foundation Leng Nei Yi Temple and various shrines where people continuously go to pay respects and ask for blessings throughout the day Overview of this year's Chinese New Year event It is considered to have received a great response and praise from foreign tourists. That the ev ent was fun, colorful, delicious food, and most importantly, lovely people. Makes people want to come and visit again. TAT expects that this year's Chinese New Year will generate approximately 34,390 million baht in Thai tourism revenue, a 30 percent growth compared to the same period last year. Especially the Chinese tourist market. It is expected that tourism income into Thailand will be approximately 6,213 million baht, an increase of approximately 366 percent compared to the same period last year Source: Thai News Agency

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