‘China’ pins down ‘Smart Park’ settlement, aims to rent space in lump sum.

Bangkok, Chinese investors Pinned investment in the supply chain industry, automotive parts, EV, and energy industry. In the area of ??Smart Park Industrial Estate, while construction of the project is progressing more than 82.55%, it is believed to help stimulate the country's economy. Create a community economy Increase income for people in the area by promoting a promotion to waive land rental fees for 1 year and waive facility maintenance fees for the first year to attract investors. Mr. Weris Amrapal, Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), revealed that construction of the Smart Park Industrial Estate project is currently progressing more than 82.55% (as of March 18, 2024). ) and there are investors interested in investing from many countries after IEAT had a roadshow. Most recently, a group of investors from China expressed interest in renting a large plot of land in the Smart Park Industrial Estate to conduct business in the group. Industry of the future (New S-Curve) such as electric vehicle parts, etc. 'Talked with a group of Chinese investors who were interested in investing in the Smart Park Industrial Estate last week (27 March 2024) and assigned the IEAT Marketing Division to take a group of investors. This time we went to see the actual area at the Smart Park Industrial Estate, where Chinese investors have shown great interest in leasing the entire plot of land. At this time, we are in the process of collecting data to study the feasibility of business operations (Feasibility Study), which will have a meeting to discuss with the IEAT in further detail,' Mr. Wiris said. The Smart Park Industrial Estate project in the Map Ta Phut area, Rayong Province, has a project area of ??1,383.71 rai. It is considered a new industrial estate that goes beyond the original industrial estate development, with target industries that use modern technology and are environmentally friendly. Including the aviation and logistics industry group (Aviation and Logistics), the medical industry grou p (Medical Device), the robots industry group (Robotics), and the digital industry group (Digital) to strengthen the status of a modern, safe eco-industrial city. along with taking care of the environment and surrounding communities Under the concept of an industrial estate that aims to be carbon neutral. According to government policy, the goal of carbon neutrality must be achieved by 2050. After the construction is completed. and the project has been completed There will be employment for approximately 7,459 people, circulating money in the local economy of approximately 1,342 million baht per year, and can also create a community economy. It also helps increase income for the people in the area. It is expected that the service will be able to open as planned in 2024. For measures to promote land leasing in the Smart Park Industrial Estate (Smart Park) in the general industrial area. The measure period is set from September 1, 2023 to December 27, 2024 to create incentives for investors to rent land in in dustrial estate areas. It is a production and investment base, consisting of an exemption from land rental for a period of 1 year from the date of the land rental agreement. and exempt from maintenance fees for facilities in the first year from the date of receiving permission to use land for business from IEAT. This is based on the criteria and conditions for receiving benefits according to measures to promote land leasing in industrial estates. Smart Park will be as determined by IEAT. Source: Thai News Agency

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