Change, change, change

By Kim Sun-ae

This March, I became a freelancer I had worked full-time in my workplace for more than a year I liked my job but my life was not sparkling. It was time that a change was necessary. So I decided to work at the same place, but only in the afternoon as a freelancer

Then I began to take walks in the morning. A few days ago, I met a white rabbit on my walk. It was eating something on the hill and then scampered off. On every branch, spring is sprouting. The trees with tender green leaves on ash-colored branches touch me. Magnolias and mustard-colored flowers of Japanese spicebush are in full bloom, and I am waiting for white azaleas to bloom Looking up at the sky, I see the birds flying in a V formation. I wonder how it feels to fly.

We all want to be free. But we are afraid of losing the things we have. If we want one thing, sometimes we have to let go of others. Because I chose more free time, my pay was reduced. My life, however, has become more peaceful.

It is hard to let go of our desire to have more money. Nevertheless, the ultimate purpose of earning money is to be happy. If we are not happy working for more money, we are missing something important.

Recently, my sister and I traveled to Daejeon. We walked slowly in an arboretum My sister did not feel well that day. We shared a tangerine near a pond. I looked at my sister in profile sitting next to me. Every moment in our lives exists only once just like this. When traveling, we feel more clearly the finitude of life.

We rented a tandem bicycle in the arboretum and rode along the stream in the spring wind and the warm sunshine. Letting go of the handles in the back seat, my sister felt so free and relaxed that she said it was the best moment during that trip.

Is your life satisfactory? Do you want some change? Everyone wants to be happy. That man working at this small cafeacute in which I am writing now, the woman handing out leaflets to passers-by on the main street ? all people are trying to do their best as far as they know to live happily. From time to time, however, we are lost and happiness seems far

In our society with materialistic values, many people believe we should have more things to be happy ? a bigger house, a fancy car or the latest smartphone. To some extent, material possessions are necessary for our basic comfort. Nonetheless, earning and spending more money does not guarantee contentment. Actually, it often leads to more desire as soon as we get what we want. To stop this cycle of dissatisfaction, we should know our true values ? what is really important to us? When are we truly happy, not just temporarily but in the long term?

Life is too short to postpone, too vast to confine. We can move on beyond the limit we ourselves have set.

Although my life has not radically changed, I have begun to smile more thanks to having more freedom to lead my life as I want. I have started walking more and trying new things. Someday a revolution may occur in my life. And my present life might become the basis of that change.

The writer is a translator who lives in Seoul. Her blog address is http:blog.navercomdancinglf.

SOURCE: The Korea Times

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