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Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Communication Arts program Stamford International University

Communication Arts course Stamford International University Organized activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary and showcase student work. and creating a network between current students and alumni is a factor for the success of producing Communication Arts graduates as professionals. Activities at the event included the launch of "Comm Arts Ambassadors," which represent students with outstanding talent in media production. content design and public relations Including the award ceremony for outstanding alumni such as "Antonia Posiu" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 and first runner-up. Miss Universe 2023 joins in talking and exchanging experiences on stage. In addition, there is an exhibition of student work. including short film production Advertisement for tourism in Bangkok and a photography exhibition about the way of life and natural atmosphere in Mueang Rong Province. which is part of Thailand's promotion of "Soft Power" Celebrating 15 years of Stamford International University's Communication Arts pr ogram this year. It is an important opportunity to connect current students, alumni, the media and the community, and an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and creativity. Including alumni returning to share their views on career success with current students. It is also a stage for creating an effective society. and create power for the communication arts student community. Source: Thai News Agency

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