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Cabinet agrees to issue online prizes for the last 2-3 digits.

House of Representatives, The Cabinet has agreed to release online lottery numbers with the last 2-3 digits, hoping to increase options for gamblers. Let the lottery office Moving forward with setting prices, distribution systems, accepting agents to create new careers. Expected to start selling before the end of this year. Ms. Kanika Aunjit, Deputy Spokesperson for the Office of the Prime Minister Revealed that the meeting Cabinet approves guidelines for selling lottery tickets digitally or online lottery with the last 2-3 digits (N3 lottery), hoping to increase sales channels for digital lottery tickets Supports modern people to gamble online. And it is an alternative to buying legal lottery tickets. To reduce the problem of overpriced lottery tickets and pull underground lottery numbers up to the ground correctly Mr. Thanawat Phonwichai, committee member and spokesman for the Government Lottery Committee, said that the Cabinet meeting approved the issuance of the last 2-3 digits of the online lottery (N 3 lottery) and the allocation of funds. After this, it must be presented to the lottery committee meeting. Every step will be considered. To prepare for the award is 1. Determining the selling price. From the beginning, the price was set in the range of 20-50 baht to summarize clearly. By giving the buyer the last number prize You can buy it at a reasonable price. and sellers are flexible without interfering with the sale of the original digital lottery tickets which are currently being sold But the last number prize Want to compete with the underground lottery 2. Finding conclusions Guidelines for recruiting distributors From the original agent who sold digital lottery tickets Or how to accept more? To create more careers for lottery sales agents 3. Finding a conclusion about the online distribution system, both formats, selling through automatic service machines (Kiosk), selling through the Paotang app. Selling through handheld computers or portable mobile computers Lottery Office Must proceed with testing sales in the sandbox system from 1 million buyers to be clear and accurate. before starting to be released for sale at the end of this year For the N3 lottery or online prizes, the last 2-3 digits are a type of lottery that contributes to the prize money. By contributing in the next installment not more than 1 installment and if there is no prize winner, it will be sent to the treasury as government income. Prizes are drawn on the 1st and 16th of the month. The last 2-3 digit lottery is a new type of lottery that allows you to choose 3 digits. Each digit has 10 numbers from 0 to 9 (000-999) without specifying numbers in advance. Buyers can choose all 3 digits of each number and can choose the same number for each digit. By allocating variable prize money According to the number of lottery buyers If the last number of the prize has many buyers The prize money will be reduced. If any last number has few buyers The prize money will be higher. Buyers will be aware of their winnings in real time. The prize money will be displayed in the system immediately. By the lottery office The proportion of prize payouts in each prize category will be announced in advance of the draw. When the lottery board Consider the steps and details. Then prepare to open it up to the general public to apply to be a dealer for the last 2-3 digits of the prize, including existing agents, soon. For the payment of prizes and types of prizes for the last 2-3 digits, there are 4 prize types as follows: Three-match prize (every number and every position is correct), three-alternate prize. (Every number is correct But the positions are switched), two-match prizes (all numbers and all positions are correct), special prizes or jackport prizes. (Won a prize whose number information matches the results of the special prize draw) Allocation of prize money The law requires that 60 percent of sales be used as prize money. Allocate not less than 23 percent as government revenue. and not more than 17 percent of the money goes to government administrat ive expenses. Source: Thai News Agency

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