Brutal youth shoots 13-year-old boy in middle of village, 1 dead, 2 seriously injured

Udon Thani, Udon Thani youths rode a motorcycle and shot each other in the middle of a village. One 13-year-old boy died and two others were seriously injured. Two groups of youths drove at high speed and chased each other through the village. and shooting each other until death and injury at the scene The body of a 13-year-old boy was found shot with 2 rounds of an unknown type of firearm. The bullets hit him in the middle of the back and the back of the neck. He was in serious condition. Rescue workers along with villagers helped to take him to the hospital. But in the end he died. Meanwhile, two friends who were riding motorcycles together, also 13 years old, were also shot and seriously injured. Check CCTV cameras within the village. I heard the sound of teenagers riding motorcycles chasing each other. I heard teenagers yelling and cursing at each other. Then one gunshot was heard and another corner of the closed circuit within the village was heard. You will see teenagers riding 3rd row motorcycles, a s if fleeing from something, looking frightened. After that, there were another 5 teenagers riding 2 black motorcycles with 3 people riding in them, and a white car with 2 people riding in them, following closely behind. Villagers who witnessed the incident said that before the incident they heard the sound of a motorcycle passing in front of their house. But found a dead end and turned around. Then they saw the motorcycle they were chasing shooting at, and heard one gunshot before the group of teenagers who had committed the shooting drove away immediately. Officials have collected all evidence. Initially, it was assumed that it was the enemy of the group of children who died. that may have had problems before We will quickly track down the perpetrators for further investigation and prosecution. Because of the evidence in the CCTV images that are available now See the face quite clearly Most recently at 8:50 a.m. this morning, the mother of the 13-year-old who died came to pick up her son's body at Udon T hani Hospital and said that she asked her son's friends. Told you that while driving to the scene of the accident There was a group of teenagers shooting guns. As for the group of teenagers who have issues with each other, I personally don't know whether or not they know each other or not. Even though you're not very good at studying, But he's also a good child for his mother. This coming Songkran Festival, he plans to take his children on a rafting trip. But the child died first. Source: Thai News Agency

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