Boy group Astro’s Moonbin & Sanha hopes its songs permeate like ‘scent’

SEOUL– Moonbin & Sanha, a unit of K-pop boy group Astro, expressed hope its songs can permeate into listeners like a “scent” and make them happy, as the unit was to drop its third EP on Wednesday.

For “Incense,” the album set to hit music services at 6 p.m., the two members presented a concept of alluring perfumers.

“We came to decide on the ‘perfumer’ concept, inspired by the act of spreading perfume right before performing on stage,” Moonbin said during a media showcase in Seoul to promote the upcoming album.
“We hope to imprint the scent of Moonbin & Sanha in people through this album and want them to think, ‘The two people’s scent was like this’ when they listen to new music from us in the future,” Sanha said, laughing.

The EP has a total of six songs of diverse genres, including “Madness,” “Perfumer,” “Chup Chup” and “Your Day.”

The lead single, “Madness,” is a pop-dance song with a strong bass sound and elements of EDM and big band music. Sanha tried a rap for the first time in his career for the song.

“I was anxious if I did the rap well when I first heard the recording of the song, but it was a good experience,” he said.

Moonbin participated in writing and composing a track of the album to tell his own story.

“I wrote down a lot of writing in my spare time, so I got a lot of help when I wrote the song’s lyrics,” he said.

Astro, which consists of members MJ, Jinjin, Moonbin, Rocky, Sanha and Cha Eun-woo, debuted in 2016 with the EP “Spring Up.” It has since released hit songs, such as “Crazy Sexy Cool,” “Baby” and “Confession.”

Moonbin & Sanha debuted in September 2020 as the band’s first unit, with its first EP “In-out,” and released its second EP “Refuge” in March 2022. The group’s second unit Jinjin & Rocky, composed of members Jinjin and Rocky, launched in January 2022.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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