Book, reading culture day promotes digital transformation

Hanoi: The 2024 Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day will take place from April 15 to May 1, with digital transformation to be boosted to bring books to more readers, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications. Specifically, this year's activities will be more diverse, with modern organisation methods following the development trend of technology platforms and digital transformation such as online book fairs, those without using cash, and promotion of books and reading culture on e-newspapers and social networks. In addition to traditional activities such as holding book weeks, fairs, and publication months, publishers and printing and distribution establishments are also encouraged to organise online distribution channels, combined with technology platforms, social networks, and e-commerce platforms to introduce and promote books, along with presenting books to vulnerable groups, and promotional programmes. The Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day, held annually since 2022, has been consi dered a festival for book-lovers, helping spread the value of books as well as the reading culture in the community./. Source: Vietnam News Agency

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