Besieged for 2 hours, stressed soldiers shot at a drinking band, 1 injured, probably angry at playing loud music.

Samut Prakan, Thrilling in the middle of the community! Soldier shoots at liquor group, injures one before locking himself in house The officers closed in and negotiated for more than 2 hours, then surrendered, expecting stress from a group of teenagers sitting and drinking and playing loud music. This incident occurred at 9:30 p.m., with more than 30 Bang Sao Thong police officers encircling a house in Soi F. 5, Kheha Village, Bang Sao Thong District, Samut Prakan Province. After receiving a report that a person had been shot with a gun and had been injured and taken to the hospital earlier. As for the perpetrator, he was an air force soldier who was an expert in firearms. Officials therefore kept unrelated people out of the area. and set up a blockade to negotiate with the perpetrators. It took more than 2 hours to negotiate successfully. Flight Lieutenant Thanitsak, age 60, the perpetrator, wore an Air Force uniform and walked out to surrender. along with a shoulder bag that contained a 9 mm automatic p istol inside. The officers then took him into custody for further investigation at Bang Sao Thong Police Station and coordinated with the Forensics Division officers to inspect the crime scene. It was a 3-story house. There was a shooting incident opposite the perpetrator's house. It is a store that sells groceries and food to order. Tables and chairs scattered At the counter of the restaurant, it was found that there was a bullet hole lodged inside, so the officers kept it as evidence. As for 1 injured person, named Mr. Supachai, 26 years old, he was shot through the waist once by a gun. He is currently in stable condition. Ask Mr. Nattaphon The injured friend said that he and his friends were sitting and grilling meat when the perpetrator suddenly walked out and asked, "Are you old?" and then pulled out a gun and pointed it at them. Then he fought with another friend. Before one shot was fired, Mr. Supachai was injured, while Mr. Tom, another injured friend, said that 6-7 of them were playing music while d rinking alcohol, when suddenly the perpetrator left the house. Come and shoot them. By saying that many times already The bullet whizzed past his head. He was confused because he had often encountered the perpetrators. and also used to feed them alcohol. I admit that they often drink alcohol here. As for the incident this time, it was likely that they were drinking loudly. The wife of the perpetrator said that A group of teenagers played music very loudly. They called the police twice. The first time the police didn't come. The second time came to warn. After the police left, they turned on loud music again as usual. After that, her husband walked out of the house. By carrying a gun bag with it. Didn't take it out to show at all. Then there was a loud quarrel. And then there was fighting and pulling each other. Before there was a gunshot, the husband then walked into the bedroom, listened to Dharma, and prepared to sleep. Because he thought the bullet didn't hit anyone. Husband has chronic stress disorder. I 've been healing for a long time. and take medicine continuously But he's not a violent person. This time I really ran out of patience. Initially, officials have not filed charges yet. Currently coordinating with the Adjutant General's officers to join in investigating the case according to military regulations. and proceed according to law . Source: Thai News Agency

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