Bangkok expands examination results for exercise equipment purchasing project from 2023-2024.

Bangkok, Bangkok has expanded the results of the examination of the exercise equipment purchasing project from 2023-2024. The Governor of Bangkok emphasized that it must be transparent and explain to society. Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok, along with Mr. Natthaphong Disayabut, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Bangkok, revealed the progress of the inspection of the purchase of exercise equipment. After the Bangkok Executive Committee meeting No. 9/2024 at Rattanakosin Room Bangkok City Hall, Giant Swing Mr. Natthaphong, as director of the Bangkok Anti-Corruption Monitoring Operations Center (BMA), said that progress has been made over the past week. In the case of inspection of the purchase of exercise equipment Found that there were grounds for corruption and many flawed issues. This may violate the law regarding offenses related to bids to government agencies (Hua Act). Therefore, all evidence has been collected and sent to the NACC Office to consider taking action regarding corruption and mis conduct. continue to like As for Bangkok, the information has been presented to the Permanent Secretary of Bangkok to consider appointing an investigation committee to obtain the facts in order to proceed with disciplinary action and send criminal proceedings. For this week there will be an expansion. All exercise equipment purchasing projects from 2023 - 2024, what are the shortcomings or important issues? By checking the facts If you have any doubts or initial behavior that is considered dishonest. Additional NACC offices will be sent. Requesting the budget for 2025, the Internal Audit Office will propose to the Governor of Bangkok to sign and appoint a committee to examine the prices of all items or projects that will be proposed for the budget in 2025. Mr. Chatchat added that Overall operations At this time, three orders have been issued: 1) for the Permanent Secretary of Bangkok to supervise the issue of exercise equipment intensively and submit progress reports every week 2) to the Permanent Secretary of Bangkok, who is the head of the civil service department Carry out a transparent audit of procurement in every department. according to regulations Explain to society in every program. By providing a summary report every month to notify the management and 3) ordering relevant agencies to prepare a standard median price. In order to get the average price and details of equipment suitable for purchasing. This matter should be an example for change in other parts of the country. Reducing the use of judgment and careful consideration. Source: Thai News Agency

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