BAAC invites children to save money

Bangkok, BAAC invites children to save money by opening lottery tickets at 20 baht per unit, receiving 2.5% interest, plus a chance to win prizes worth more than 73 million baht. Reservations open on 3 Apr. BAAC launches "BAAC Savings Lottery, Gift Set" to support long-term savings discipline for students at just 20 baht per unit, totaling 100 million units, with a total credit limit of 2,000 million baht. Deposit period. 6 years when the deposit is due, receive immediate interest of 2.50% per year with a chance to receive scholarships every installment, worth 10,000 baht, 100 prizes and special prizes 2 times a year in January and September. Valued at 100,000 baht per prize, 12 prizes, total prize value 73.2 million baht. Reservations open April 3 - 15 through BAAC counters in every branch nationwide and the BAAC Mobile application. Mr. Chatchai Sirilai, Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), revealed that the BAAC launched the "BAAC Savings Lottery, Gift Set" of 20 baht per unit, amounting to 100 million. Units are divided into 10 categories, 10 million units per category, total credit limit 2,000 million baht, deposit term 6 years, when deposit matures. You will receive interest of 3 baht per unit, equivalent to an interest rate of 2.50 percent per year, along with a chance to win scholarship prizes every month worth 10,000 baht, 100 prizes, totaling 1,000,000 baht per month. You also have the chance to win special prizes 2 times a year in January and September. The value of each prize is 100,000 baht, 2 prizes per year, amounting to 200,000 baht per year. Total prize value is 73.2 million baht. Prizes are drawn every 16th of the month, except January. The prize will be drawn on January 17th. Qualifications for lottery depositors must be 7 - 18 years of age. Open a deposit account and register the lottery with BAAC at every BAAC branch counter. There is no maximum deposit limit. More than 300,000 baht per person, including all channels Lottery reservations open from 3 - 15 April through counters at all BAAC branches nationwide or the BAAC Mobile application and will open for lottery deposits on 17 April, with the first prize being drawn on that date. This 16 May You can check the results of the draw and watch the live broadcast of the BAAC Savings Lottery draw on the website. Facebook Page BAAC Thailand and BAAC Service with Hearts Youtube Channel 'BAAC Thailand' and the BAAC Mobile application. The bank will transfer the prize money into a savings account that is an account. The customer's transfer pairs immediately the next day. After the draw date of each draw Importantly, interest and winnings from BAAC savings lottery deposits are exempt from interest tax for individuals. For more information, please contact all BAAC branches nationwide or Call Center 02 555 0555. Source: Thai News Agency

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