Azerbaijan on Kazakhstan’s list of ‘safe’ countries in terms of COVID-19 threat

Proceeding from the decree of the Kazakh chief sanitary doctor, certain countries, namely, Azerbaijan, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Malaysia, Egypt, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Belarus, as well as the city of Hong Kong, were assigned to the ‘first category’ of restrictive measures towards passengers arriving via international passenger flights, Trend reports on Sept. 18 referring to the Central Communications Service under the president of Kazakhstan.
Presently, the categorization of the countries is applied in Kazakhstan in connection with the pandemic of coronavirus infection upon the restrictive measures in relation to the passengers arriving from the countries via international passenger flights.
Thus, the least number of requirements is applied to the passengers arriving from the ‘first category’. The temperature of those arriving from these countries is measured and these individuals undergo questioning.
Starting since September 16, 2020, this category includes Azerbaijan, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Malaysia, Egypt, the city of Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany and Belarus.
In turn, Switzerland, the UK, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, the Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Armenia, the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan have been included in the second category.
Besides temperature measurement and questioning, those arriving from these countries must also provide a certificate showing negative COVID-19 test result upon polymerase chain reaction. No more than five days since obtaining the certificate must pass when crossing the state border.
In turn, the third category of countries includes all countries that do not belong to the first and second categories and the flights to and from these countries are currently prohibited.

Source: TREND News Agency

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