AU-NZ association raises 90 mil. won for local charities

By: John Redmond

The 2015 Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) raised 90 billion won for Korean charities during a charity ball at the Conrad Hotel Seoul on April 18, the group said Monday.

The association organized the event under the theme of “Under the Southern Cross.”

“Selling out three weeks before the event, the Australia and New Zealand Charity Ball has cemented itself as the most anticipated expat event of the social calendar,” the group said in a press release.

“Over 330 guests from the Korean and international business and diplomatic community, including ambassadors from Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, were wined, dined and entertained into the early hours of Sunday morning.”

ANZA Korea President Dr. Jana Kovar said the result exceeded expectations. “Everyone had such a fabulous evening and to raise 90 million won is just an incredible result. That would not have been possible without the generosity of our sponsors and guests.”

The Charity Art Sale was a highlight for guests and raised 30 million won of the total fundraising.

“Without the generous donations from artists, including Korea’s, Woo Chong-il, and the Seoul-based gallery ARTHOUSE, such a result would not have been possible,” Kovar said.

All profits from the art sale will go directly to the Love North Korea Children Charity, (LNKC) a U.K.-registered charity since 2001. LNKC has established six bakeries in North Korea that feed over 25,000 children a bread roll each day and aims to open 26 more.

The remaining 60 million won raised enables ANZA Korea to continue supporting the range of ANZA charities over the coming year.


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